Award-Winning Digital Thinking

Dominic Lusardi is an award-winning Digital Business Leader & Non-Exec Director (NED) empowering a multi-sector, global client base to fuse emerging technologies into innovative and forward-looking solutions.

He has extensive experience of utilising his entrepreneurial flair to engage and direct SME’s, business owners, boards, panels, and steering committees, to develop business and digital strategies, to revolutionise and develop their business and digital thinking.

Nothing is impossible

When ideas, technology and strategy join forces

Being accountable for the digital innovation and growth of your organisation requires three things – technological expertise, advice on its optimal commercial application, and strategic insight on how to use it to gain advantage in your particular industry.

To get this critical mix together, you may well envisage the whole process in front of you – the learning, sourcing, coordinating, and managing of the various people who can provide the expertise and insight. You’re the expert in your own field but you need a confident understanding of the benefits and economics of technological or business strategy.

Not only is time, money, and business reputation on the line, your own professional credibility as well as commercial success is vital.

These are not small decisions. If you want to deal with them strategically, innovatively, and creatively, take a look at what I can do for you, your organisation, and your peace of mind.

Digital Thinkers works alongside organisations to help develop critical digital thinking when approaching emerging technology.