The original trilogy

Bringing together expertise in the three critical project enablers – strategic business acumen, tech innovation and its economic application, plus deep industry insight –  I can advise and support your leadership team at the highest level.

Having worked at the heart of computing since the dawn of the desktop computer and pre-internet means I can quickly understand the entire tech process across hardware, software and networking. As part of the digital evolution story, and one of the original leaders in Web, Web 3D, data, animation, virtual reality, holograms and real-time tech before their mass adoption, my skills and experience make me uniquely placed to help you.

Empowering decision-makers in both public and private sectors, I guide leaders through the opportunities of emerging and established technologies and how these can be enhanced to create innovative approaches applied in groundbreaking ways. Intelligently aligning this with the wider business context gives clients the digital thinking they need to move forward.

With every industry now looking for new and better ways to reach, engage, and serve their stakeholders, there’s a collective need for more knowledge and understanding at senior and board level. It’s the starting point for delivering lasting impact that will improve productivity and future-proof organisations.

Recognised as the award-winning and trusted digital partner with an innate ability to predict future trends, I explain and simplify evolving technologies and share my entrepreneurial flair to take you from the limits of the unknown into an enlightened vision of an exciting future.