As a Digital Business Leader & Non Exec Director (NED), digital is a way of life for me and is represented in everything I do, from tech to the many advisory roles I enjoy.

It’s a privilege to have helped so many people, organisations and projects leverage the benefits of technology.

When you’re looking to embrace digital, it’s absolutely normal to feel anxious when it comes to the fast-paced technology and associated jargon. Coupled with the typical size of investment and strategic implications involved, it’s easy to get so hung up on overthinking that you lose the momentum, the budget or even the plot.

Understanding what technologies are available and how to use them better is a huge issue in both the public and private sector. This gap in knowledge slows progress and narrows the chances of achieving organisational goals on time.

Offering critical digital thinking, overlaid with my business knowledge in start-ups, growth, investment, scaling and exiting, I’ve been able to use my unique skill set to help deliver 500+ breakthrough projects – advancing organisations to the next levels of technological and commercial advantage.

You can also use my industry insight to find out why businesses do what they do and what it means for you – such as what’s happening in entertainment, education, manufacturing & engineering, retail, advertising, healthcare and beyond.

Your critical friend

Working together, we’ll focus on where you are now, where you need to get to, and why. These are the fundamentals that will help you contextualise your project and make sure its aims and objectives truly match the needs of your stakeholders.

Who, what, when, and why are the questions we’ll answer to get you to your desired destination.

Not just a hardware and software geek, I’ve got deep experience of being a senior leader and building my own business in the real world. The one that demands constant agility, problem-solving and a cool head.

Matters of governance such as finance, operations, legalities, and marketing are all part of the project equation I’m used to solving in advisory and chair roles. So if there’s a need for independent opinion, I can offer constructive input.

There’s no such thing as a dumb question, especially in tech

It’s true.

In fact, I encourage you to ask as many as you’ve got. It shows you’re deeply invested in your organisation and want the best outcomes.

And I’ll have plenty of my own questions to ask that will help guide the dialogue and shape the project. Adopting technologies successfully pivots on one thing – effective communication.